Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 172

Hi Team!


I am feeling crappy still though the nausea seems to have passed.  OMG!! as I write this I realize that many of my recent symptoms are reminiscent of... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! NO it CAN't BE>>> I am NOT pregnant!  But I have been way tired lately.  And I am peeing a lot.  I mean often but not a lot at all.  YIKES!! I better not be late!  As if I can judge that.  I haven't been regular in three years!  OMG OMG OMG!!!  I'm really scared!!!  That would SO suck!!!  Just this past weekend I saw a mom with a teeny tiny infant and said, "Oh, I want one of those..." then shocked myself when I quickly said, "But not to keep!"  I was just thinking I had finally passed a major milestone in my life.  OMG!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!

OK, stop freaking out.  Nothing to worry about until I know something.  RIGHT?  I cannot believe that I am going through this thought process on my blog.  Well, that's life.  It IS part of my journey right now.  OMG I am freaking out!  I mean like... almost panicky!  The timing would really suck!  I WANT TO BE A PARAMEDIC!!! 

I'm too freaked out to write right now.  Sorry to leave you hanging!

Stay safe! 

Hotflash out!


  1. Oh Hotflash!!! that's kinda funny, you have to admit... you better keep us posted!! maybe its the other change?

  2. Funny? Why do all my friends think this is funny? (Because it really kind of is!) Except that it isn't! Oh, it's so ironic. For years I was SO sad that I never had been able to have another child. I just barely realized that I no longer wanted one and WHAM! Well, maybe.