Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 40

Hi Team!

Today was an interesting day. I started out by shutting my alarm off, sitting up and falling back asleep. That was at 4:25 this morning. At 5:05 my husband said, "It's after 5!" and woke me up. So in 20 minutes I got ready for work and scrambled out the door to pick up my co-worker. When I got to her house, nobody came out. I waited a few minutes past the usual time and then knocked on the door. No answer. I repeated and got the same result, twice more. I called her home and cell phone from my cell phone and left messages. I went to work. She showed up just before "show time." Seems she shut her alarm off and went back to sleep too!

The next thing I noticed is that I left Pete behind again this morning. CRAP! On a work out day, too. I called the handsome hubby but he was going a different direction than usual this morning so he couldn't bring it to me. Well that meant three and a half hours of up and moving around not being tallied. SIGH

I wasn't about to walk my route without Pete so I hurried home to get him after work before meeting Coach Alex. Coach Alex was happily getting out of her truck when I pulled up to the meeting place. She did a little Snoopy dance and sang, "I beat you! I beat you!" over and over. THen she made me promise to tell everyone. Of course I beat her by over 20 minutes every time (except today) but that doesn't seem to matter. :D

Oh well.

Pete logged 10,242 steps after my first 3 1/2 hours of walking around today! Yay me!

I forgot my water bottle at home both this morning and afternoon today so I did not get more than about a quart of fluids in me today. :( I have just had one of "those" days today. Check this out:

Then you'll know how I am feeling today! At least there's a new day tomorrow! (Lord willing and the creek don't rise!)

Until such time,

Stay safe!

Hotflash out.