Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 85

Hi Team!

Today was a mixed bag. I did well on my fluids almost 3 quarts, not as well on my sleep but not horrible. I logged 4,454 steps with Pete. Nothing remarkable, but an average day for a non-workout day.

The part that was hard today was just what our community is dealing with. I found out that officers from other communities have been patrolling the streets of Lakewood offering our Lakewood officers time to grieve. That is just the nicest thing I've heard in a long time. OUr city streets were busy today with all the police, fire and EMS vehicles making their way to the procession. Every where I went today there was heavy traffic. The procession took four hours from McChord to the Tacoma Dome and I heard people say there were Fire/EMS vehicles from Wisconsin, Canada, and all over! Of course there were even more police vehicles from all over our state and neighboring states. Canada had at least 1,000 Royal Mounties in uniform here. The show of support has been truly amazing.

The Crusty Jakes posted links to much of the memorial service and to scenes from the procession on their website. THe memorial was very moving, especially the roll call. It finally caused me to cry, which I have needed to do since I saw it directly affect children I work with, but have been unable to do until now.

Papa John's Pizza chain has offered 100 % of the profits from today and tomorrow to go to the fallen Lakewood Police Officers Memorial fund and I have to tell you, they were swamped today and had to cut off requests for orders. I am sure tomorrow will be no different.

Please send your prayers to the family friends loved ones and co-workers of those fallen officers for peace and comfort. And that somehow they would still be able to find some joy in the holiday season. I pray too that somehow through this horrible tragedy, God would be glorified. He didn't want this to happen but he knew that it would and he can use it in ways that will bring healing to others.

Also, don't forget to pray for the baristas and customers who were present.
I understand that the baristas have not worked and have no income. L&I may cover them somehow later, but that will take a while to process and it won't help with the post traumatic stress. Also the businesses in that strip mall all are suffering as a result of the incident.

Thanks for your prayers.

Stay safe.

Hotflash out.