Monday, February 22, 2010

Report From Ladder Company 40 Days 156 and 157

Hi Team!

I hope today finds you well.  I am doing fine.  Sunday was a good day of rest for me.  I barely got my two quart minimum of fluids (but the minimum counts!)  I slept about 7 hours and then I also had a nap in the afternoon.  I was otherwise lazy with my day, really relishing the day of rest!  You can call it either 2 for three or three for 3, as you see fit.  I did not exercise much but it was a NORMAL Sunday, so you decide.  I am content with it.


Today has been a great day.  I am glad to be back at my regular site for work this week on regular school schedule.  It beats the crazy staffing and shifts of the mid-winter break and I only have 32 children to work with instead of 90 plus!

Coach Alex and I had our walk today and her son James joined us.  We had a nice walk of two laps indoors at the mall (two miles) and a partial lap outside and I did 15 sets of stairs!  YAY ME!  It has been a while since I have been doing stairs so I felt very good about doing all 15 sets.  Coach Alex took a picture of me doing the stairs.  It isn't a great or flattering shot of me, and it is at the top on my 15th trip so I am tired!  Here it is:
Coach said to post it so I did!  I love my coach!

I slept well last night and felt energetic most of the day today.  I drank 2 1/2 quarts of water, green tea and lemonade today.  That makes me three for 3!

I finally got my fire buff battalion patch for my coat, (I don't remember if I already mentioned that in an earlier post) and today I took the coat to a shop to have the patch sewn on and the flag patch on the other arm re-sewn as it is coming loose in one corner.  The cost to have it done will be four times what I paid for my coat!!  (hee hee, remember I only paid three dollars for the coat!)  I'm pretty happy with that.  I can have my coat back on Wednesday.  I can't wait, but I guess I have to!  I'll post a picture, of course, when it is done.

Stay safe my friends.

Hotflash out.