Thursday, September 10, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day Three (3)

Well, I woke up quite sore this morning again, but a little less so than yesterday. Today I get to torture myself all over again. YAY ME!

I am proud to report that I got to bed by 9:45 last night. That 6 hours and 45 minutes to rest! What bliss after three nights of four hours each on average!! I still found myself quite tired and nodding during more sedentary moments today, which isn't surprising.

I thought I did well with my eating habits today. My worst moment was a splurge of an unportioned amount of sesame rice crackers. My dinner got delayed for an emergency (at least in my son's mind) trip to the bookstore and I was HUNGRY so I brought them along. Otherwise I made good choices today.

I met my goal of at least 1 quart of water today other than meal times and I was actually closer to two quarts.

Here's my favorite item to report for the day though. My goal was 10,000 steps today. According to my pedometer, from the time I got dressed until 8:00 pm tonight, minus a brief stint when I undressed, showered and redressed after my walk, I took 13,696 steps, which translates into 3.68 miles and burned 856 calories doing it! YAY ME Some MORE!!!

Okay, here is the part I promised to report but really don't want to post. I took my measurements this evening so that I will have a way to measure progress in the future. Here they are:

upper arm 14
thigh 25
hip 54
waist 48 1/2
bust 48

Tomorrow I have no specific plans but would like to at least try to start on some upper body exercises. Saturday I will have to figure out how to get some kind of walk in, even if less extensive than the last two have been. I will have a busy day with the quiz meet at church and my first Fire Buff Battalion meeting in the evening on Saturday. I am very much looking forward to both of these events. I am hoping the Battalion meeting will have hard copies of the new rigs Tacoma is about to put in service, Engine 10 and I believe it was Ladder Company 2. (don't quote me on the second one). I have been sent copies via e-mail but they must be mega-super-duper pixeled because one of them by itself said it would take 45 min. yes MIN. to download. I don't have that kind of time. Bummer for me 'cause I really wanted to see them.

After a week or so of recording my steps and related stats, I will determine a new goal for same.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!