Sunday, January 17, 2010

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 123 and 124

Hi Team!

Sorry I did not post on Saturday.  I spent most of my computer time trying to get some pictures uploaded.  I was having problems.

Saturday was a good day.  I slept about 9 hours and then had a nap later in the day for about 2 1/2 hours.  YAY ME!

I drank all my required fluids (about 3 quarts) but did not get a lot of exercise.  I still don't have a new pedometer and it will be at least a couple of weeks, most likely, before I do.  Again, if anyone knows where I can find an ankle mount pedometer, please tell me.  I know they have them for medical research purposes but I don't know if they are available to the general public or if they are affordable.  Pete took quite a beating on my hip though.  (RIP, Pete!)

Saturday night was my monthly TPC Fire Buff Battalion meeting.  I always look forward to our meetings.  I was voted in as club secretary!  YAY ME!!  I also was issued my official membership card, a fire coat with liner and an official club fire phone!

I'm official!
TPCFBB SecretaryIFBA/TPCFBB MembershipPhotobucket

Me in my fire coat.

A close up of our patch (this one is giant sized on my back)
tpcfbb patch

I can't run fire calls yet though.  I have to wait until I get my official ID badge from the fire department.  I'm so close I can smell the smoke!

Sunday was a typical day of rest.  I have had my fluids, only 2 quarts, but that qualifies.  I had plenty of sleep but I didn't do much else.  2 for 3 for friday and for saturday is all I can claim.  Tomorrow should be better though.  I am meeting Coach Alex in the morning and we are going to walk our butts off! =D

Until next blog, stay safe!

Please, say a prayer for the victims and for the rescuers in Haiti.  That was so cool seeing the Haitians singing praises to God despite their hardships!  We could learn from that.

Hotflash out.