Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 16

Hi Team!! :D

I am especially up today, though I am not sure exactly why. I just am.
Today was a terrific day for meeting goals!

I Stepped 15,230 steps today. The pedometer says that equals 5.52 miles, but having clocked my walk today with the trip odometer in my car I know I actually walked much farther. YAY ME!! Calories burned from walking equalled 749!

I drank 70 ounces of iced tea, water with crystal light at half strength and plain old water today. And I am not finished. I didn't have to even make an effort today. It was handy and I drank it.

The coolest part of the day is this: When I finished my three miles today, I did the 10 sets of steps (from the old entrance to Nordstroms on the outside of the mall) and I didn't whine or complain or groan or moan about it in the process (and I think I did an extra set, I lost count talking to Coach Alex)and when I was done, I could still breathe!!! I was not totally out of breath!! YAY ME!!! I think next week I will try 12 sets of steps.

I am revising my step goal for the time being. My new goal is 12,000 steps on a walking day and 8,000 on a regular day. When I meet that goal for an entire week, I will be ready to set the next goal.

The only area of concern for today is the sleep department. I had 5 hours for sleep time last night. (my own fault). I need to be reclined with my eyes closed for at least 6 hours (for my current goal) every night. When I consistantly reach that goal I will revise it. God is able!!

Well, nothing more to report so far except that your encouragement and prayers are keeping me going! Thanks so much, team!

Until next time, Stay safe!

Hotflash out