Friday, February 12, 2010

Report From Ladder Company 40 Days 146 and 147

Hi Team!

Not much to report for thursday or friday.

Thursday I drank 3 quarts of weak iced tea. :)  I was active throughout the day, though I was extremely tired.  My dog kept me awake all night jumping up on me then getting down, then up then down, etc.  I wanted to tie her long nose in a knot!!  So, thanks to her I can only say I got 2 out of three.  Nothing exciting to report though.  Sorry.


THANK GOODNESS IT IS FRIDAY and I have a 3 Day weekend!!!!!  I drank lots of fluids today, I lost count after 2 quarts.  My assistant handed me fluids occasionally and I also had a water bottle that was next to me most of the day.  I did not get to go for my walk today due to some work I had to do to prepare for mid-winter break (which means our kids are out of school but we combine our 4 programs and provide care ALL DAY).  I did not sit down for more than 20 minutes after 1 pm and I was pretty active prior to that.  I am sure that I got an equivalent workout in.  And last night I slept like a baby!  = D

I think I can fairly call it a three out of three day.

I have nothing else to report today either.  But you should see the cutest picture ever!  (My brother sent the pic to me.)
Gabriella wants to be a firefighter!  Sweet!

Stay safe!

Hotflash out.