Saturday, October 3, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Days 23 and 24

Hi Team!

Wow, I have been on a flat run! (Not literally according to Pete, but I sure have been busy!)

Friday, (day 23) I left for work bright and early, worked the morning shift, went to the mall for my walking workout, went home for a shower and headed back to work to take care of a few errands, then on to my afternoon shift. I got off work an hour early and then it was off to the quiz meet. I did not get home until well after 10 pm at night. I had left for work at 5:20 that morning. LONG DAY!

On Friday, I still got in 12, 232 steps. YAY ME! I also drank nearly 3 quarts of fluids!!!!

I had very little sleep the night before, (approx 5 hours) but that isn't a surprise if you've been reading this blog. On Saturday, I got up feeling refreshed after my 7 hours of sleep which I had awakened from before an alarm went off. I had slept well! I got ready and then headed off to a quiz meet, day two. I got home a little before 5:00 pm. Scorekeeping is tough work requiring attention to detail, concentration and a large healthy sense of humor. I never leave a quiz meet with out a huge headache and today was no exception so I took it easy for a while when I got home. Then my neighbor wanted me to take her on some errands and I did. Then I let her stay here a while because my house is warm and hers isn't. Now, here I am, tired, relaxed and ready for bed, home alone. Oh, did I mention that my son is at his friend's house and my husband is away working all weekend?

I don't have much to report statistically today. The Pete's buttons kept getting pushed so I don't have an accurage step count. I drank at least two quarts of fluids today, but stopped keeping track. ANd as I mentioned above, I got at least 7 hours of sleep last night! Yay me, God IS able.

Tomorrow is a day of rest, and I intend to.

Until later, stay safe!

Hotflash out.