Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 97

Hi Team!

Today was a great day! No an awesome day!

I slept very well for a fourth night in a row! YAY ME!!! =D
I drank 3 quarts today, water and herbal tea.
Pete logged 13,738 steps today! YAY ME!!
I am 3 for 3 WOO HOO!!!

During my walk with Coach Alex today, I ran across a friend. The only fireman I knew as a child who is still working for the fire department in my city, Joe S, was at the mall. When he saw me he said, "Hey! Merry Christmas!" and gave me a great big hug! =) We chatted a bit and he met Coach Alex. I didn't dork out today. I looked his partner right in the eye and held out my hand and introduced myself! YAY ME!!! It was wonderful seeing Joe today. It gave me a real boost.

And, I have been a busy fire buff, firefighter/paramedic wannabe. Look what I did!!!

I baked cookies for three fire stations today.

Baking cookies
And I decorated them all by myself.
decorating cookies

The firefighter looks a little funny.
firefighter cookie

Here is the helmet.
fire helmet cookie

The fire engine would look better if I decorated it with icing instead of sprinkles, I think.
fire engine cookie

The fire hydrant is my personal favorite!
fire hydrant cookie

The flag turned out well too.
flag cookie

And of course, Sparky had to be there too!
sparky cookie

I love my new cookie cutters. I had a lot of fun. The hard part will be trying to decide which three fire stations I will bring cookies to tomorrow.

Until we blog again, stay safe!

Hotflash out.