Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 134

Hi Team!

I have worked very hard today at being active.  I got my three miles in with Coach Alex this morning and I was on my feet much of the day as well at work.  I am a little behind on my fluids but will catch up by bedtime to 2 1/2 quarts.  I got plenty of sleep last night and have felt pretty good most of the day.  Yay ME! 3 for three (I promise to finish the fluids so I don't have to report back about that).

I have had a pretty productive day.  I discovered I could not get my TB test with my immunizations because they are not open on Saturday and that is the day they would need to check it but I was able to obtain it elsewhere today and will have it checked on Friday.  :)   Tomorrow I will be the human pin cushion :(  The best thing that happened today though, was that I was able to convince the Red Cross to let me into an already OVER capacity Professional Rescuer CPR class for Saturday.  I was polite but persistant and even asked what the odds of getting in would be if I just showed up and hoped somebody else didn't.  The lady I spoke with, Catherine, took pity on my and spoke with the instructor about the situation I was in and I was allowed in!  THANKS CATHERINE!!  By Monday, I should have everything I need to go register for the class!  With any luck ( or better yet, divine intervention) I will get in. 

I have also hit a bump in the road.  My recent lack of discipline has caught up with me.  I weighed today, finally.  I regained 5 pounds!  I am back up to 194.  This is my first relapse I think and I can beat it but I will have to be on top of things.  I have to be careful about emotional eating and remember to watch how much junk I eat.  There has been more around the house lately, post holiday stuff so it has been a little challenging.  I was at first very discouraged even though I suspected the outcome.  But then I remembered some kind words from a Crusty Jake that I posted a while back.  I will post them again because they still apply and I find them to be an encouragement. 

nwfdcap26-respectdajob wrote:

Having a dream is the same as having a goal. Accepting that it may take some uneven roads, and a few bumps, and maybe even a wrong turn or two are just part of the journey.

I had a dream too. I dreamed it everyday. Conscious and subconscious thought. Day was all-consuming. I hit a few snags along the way too. But in the end, what I thought was almost impossible became a lifestyle that I KNEW I wanted, but wasn't sure I would obtain.

Now, sometimes I have to look back at it all to stay grounded, and realize what it took to get here.
You'll do fine. If it was so easy it wouldn't be worth it.
Thanks for the lift, brother! (again!)

I'll blog at you later but stay safe in the mean time!

Hotflash out.