Monday, November 9, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 56 and Day 57

Hi Team!

I didn't get to my blog last night, sorry. I was just too wiped out by the end of the day. Pete logged 8,049 steps for me yesterday. I drank my quota of two quarts. I went to church for various functions all day and then I came home and crashed!

Today, I went to work for BOTH shifts. And since 4:30 this morning Pete has logged 699 steps. Pete is at it again! It's hard to find good help these days!!

Well, I don't know how many steps I took today but I do know that I barely sat down! And I still have loads to do before I go to bed so this will be short.

I want to remind everyone that I am leaving in the morning (11/20/09) for Washougal to go spend 5 days with my brother in his fire station. THink happy thoughts for me because the last two visits he hasn't gotten a call for me to ride along. I WANT to go!!!

I will post my adventures when I get back but I will not have computer access while I am gone. Therefore, it will be several days before you see a post from me. I will try to be good and write them out long hand so that you get the fresh material, not just what I can remember later, when I do post for days 58-63.

Also, I know I said way back that I would post about my second Fire Buff Battalion meeting and I did not. I don't have a lot to say about it though. I will say it was frustrating not being an official member yet because they were making motions and voting on some issues I felt very passionately about and I was not in a position to vote on them or even speak on the subject! By the time I am official the decisions will have all been made and voted on to confirm. Grrrrr. Bob, the President's husband reminded me, My day is coming! That said, the next meeting is on the 21st. That will be my third official meeting and I don't know how it works exactly but after the third meeting the group is supposed to vote weather or not to admit me. I hope they do! Then I will pay my dues and be able to vote!! Of course board elections are this month so I will miss this year's opportunity to have a say, or to even run.

Anyway, ironing and packing have to be done. I will write when I get back. Thank you all for supporting me and for reading my blog and holding me accoutable and encouraging me in every way. You are truly awesome!

Stay safe!!

Hotflash out.