Monday, October 19, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 39

Hi Team!

Right to the point today:

Pete recorded 14,903 steps today. YAY ME!! I am doing well on most days. the weekends, not so much. I tend to be on the lazy side and also have a lot of engagements that have me sitting on weekends.

I drank only about a quart today :( but I can do better tomorrow. I wasn't thirsty most of the day, but I sure am tonight.

On a really positive note, I weighed myself on the scale I originally was going from to begin with. I started this climb up the ladder at 201 lbs. On day 28 I weighed 204 :( My mom told me to not give up and that most of what I had lost had been replaced by muscle. I lost 12+ inches and was VERY happy about that. BUt today I bravely stepped back on to the original scale and I am now at 196! YAY ME!!!!lots of weight loss

Well, I've gotta go and catch some zzzzzzzzzz'z and I hope you all hve a great time.

Well, I'm literally falling asleep here so I will let you go with just this message above. Stay Safe!

Hotflash out.