Thursday, December 17, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 93

Hi Team!

It is a quarter to nine and I intend to write this post, read a few posts from the blogs I follow and be in bed by 10!

I had a really good, but long day today. I started work at 6 this morning and got off at 6:15 this evening. I had about 12 minutes for lunch, and the rest of the time I was busy! But I still managed to drink 3 quarts today and got in at least 9,960 steps. And I slept WELL last night! YAY ME!! I do believe that makes me 3 for 3! Woo Hoo!

In fire dept. related news: Well, it isn't exactly fire DEPT. news, but fire stuff related. My bro posted on the crusty jakes web site links to his blog and facebook group for Engine 17. The Jakes are SO cool!!! They have started to offer him suggestions on how to get things he needs for ol' Engine 17 and offering to send him stuff their dept. is discarding, and talking about coming to meet him and deliver them, for a bribe. I feel warm and fuzzy all over!!!

Oh, and today, while I was shopping spending petty cash for work, I also picked up stuff to decorate cookies! Hopefully I WILL get around to making them! I think it will be very fun to share them with the firemen.

Ok, if I'm gonna get to bed at the planned time, I have to go!

Take care and stay safe!

Hotflash out.

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 92

Hi Team!

I had plenty of time TO sleep but got very little! I was so tired yesterday that after work and choir practice, I came home and completely forgot to blog! Sorry.

Well, I am going to count myself 1 for three for the sleep because I at least tried to get more than enough. It wasn't my fault I didn't sleep much. I went to bed 2 hours earlier than usual. I drank all my fluids, YAY ME! (about 2 1/2 quarts). My assistant at work has really been a help with that. She just makes sure my water bottle is near me at all times. I don't even ask her to, (in fact I never have asked her to) she just does it. :) I logged 4741 steps on Pete yesterday but he is still up to no good. I found him off playing Tarzan more often than not. I'd say that fairly, I am three for three.

I did not get to the stairs as I was hoping however. I just didn't get time because it is a very busy time at work and I took the time to get some more of my Christmas shopping done. TOday will be no exception in that department. (Both being busy with work and getting more shopping done!)

Anywho's that is about all I have to report. I have to go to work now. Thanks for following me and encouraging me. You are all awesome!

Stay safe.

Hotflash out.