Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Report From Ladder Company 40 BOOTS!!

Hi Team!

As I mentioned in my last post, I have gotten way behind here and I did not really take notes either so I am going to report the next few weeks of info to you here only mentioning the few important highlights.  But first, I forgot to tell you about something in the last post.

On Friday, May 21, 2010, our local Fire Department conducted another training burn which our Fire Buff Battalion participated in.   I wasn't able to be there very long.  Again, I had to be a grown-up and go to work.  SIGH. 
Here is what our fire department posted about it on their blog site:
The property is part of the “From Ashes to Homes” project with (our city and county) Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. The structure needed to be removed to clear the way for the creation of 11 new homes for hard working low income families. The new neighborhood will include sidewalks, streetlights, and a community area with recreation space.

This all day event was a great opportunity for (our local) Fire Department to conduct live fire training in a controlled setting and we were grateful to be able to assist Habitat for Humanity with the development of their very important project.

Go here to see a slideshow:

May 23-29, 2010 Days 244-250

Last week, just prior to the training burn, Cat, our Fire Buff President called me and said words to the effect of, "You have your bunker pants don't you?"

I said to her something like, "No, we haven't gotten mine yet.  You said we would when we had time and, well, we haven't made time yet."  I mean, it isn't like we haven't been busy or anything!!  In fact, I've had all the time in the world between school, work, studying, fire buffing and.... oh yeah, SLEEPING!

Cat then recalled that we had talked about that and told me we would have to do that very soon.  This after saying something like, "Damn.  It's going to be rainy for the burn and they would have been nice for you to have."  It's okay, I won't melt... I'm not that sweet!

Well, at the burn we talked to the man in charge of that.  And he told us to come see him on Tuesday. =)

Tuesday, Bob (Cat's husband) and I went to the Fire HQ and met Lee, the man in charge of that.  Lee had already picked out a pair he thought might be suitable for me. He had me try them on knowing full well we would have to shorten them.  (Remember, I am only 4'10"!)    I found myself trying them on in a storage room where there were no chairs.  Now, firefighters put these things on in a hurry.  But... Not I.  I put one leg in, no problem.  It was nearly five miles too long so I scrunched the leg of them up my leg until my foot popped out the bottom end and planted my foot back on the ground.  So far so good.  But then I had to put my other leg in.  There was nothing I could hang onto because I needed both hands to hold on to the pants.  Lifting my second leg up and into them proved challenging due to the fact that the pants are naturally bulky and when there is an extra five miles attached to each leg the problem is compounded.  After an awkward minute or so I almost had my foot going in when suddenly I began to list to my left.  I realized there was nothing I could do to save myself so I just threw my hands up in the air and prepared for the inevitable landing while saying something smooth and cool like...


"Don't worry, we're not gonna let you fall!" I heard as Lee dashed over to save me on the left side and Bob reached over to save me from the right.   Whew!!  Disaster narrowly avoided!  I could see and hear it playing out at work... 

"Mrs. Myers, how did you break your arm?" 

"Oh, honey, it was simple.  I fell from my fire pants!"

Once I was steadied, Lee held onto me firmly as I got the other leg in and pulled my pants up.  I was quite amazed that Lee, having only seen me a handful of times, picked out a pair that fit me well (going around).  Lee and Bob then helped me with the red suspenders.  They each adjusted a side as small as they would go.  Wouldn't you know it?  Three inches to big.  They will have to tailor my suspenders along with my pants!

Next we went for boots.  Amazingly, Lee found a pair that worked. I have very small feet (women's size 6).  Luckily I also have very wide feet.  I usually wear a larger shoe than a size six because of it.  Lee found one women's size six left boot and it fit very snugly.  But, for some odd reason, there was only another left boot and not a right one.  That isn't going to work.  He hunted around a while and came up with another style of boot and it was also a size six.  But they were a  men's size six.  I tried them on.  They were a fair bit looser, but not uncomfortably so.  I tried walking in them.  My feet were not slipping around.  They were more comfortable than the smaller left boot I had tried on first.  I told Lee so and he responded with,  "They're yours then!"   I have BOOTS!  Real firefighting boots!  COOL!

Here they are:  Photobucket

Okay, that's it for now.  I'll keep going as time permits until I get all caught up, then I will try to stay on top of this blog again. 

Until next time... Stay safe!

Hotflash out.