Saturday, December 12, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 Days 88 and 89

Hi Team!

I am SO tired. I worked until 10:15 last night which is why I didn't leave you my post. Sorry. When I got home I was so tired but I did not sleep well. It had been a long and busy day for me. I drank lots of water and juice Friday, close to a gallon, I think. My assistant kept bringing my water bottle to me, every time I set it down so that helped a lot. Unfortuntely, Thursday night did not bring much sleep so I bombed in that department. Pete did a good job though, logging 10,497 steps today by 10:00 pm. That made me 2 for three on Friday.

Saturday I had to get up at 6 am because my mother in law was picking me up at a quarter to 7 for our annual Christmas shopping day! This is a tradition we have shared for 14 years, since my son was a small boy. Sometimes it is just the two of us, sometimes my son joins us. This time my son and his girlfriend joined us. We use cell phones to communicate and split off in our own directions where ever we go to get our shopping done. Before we all had cell phones, we used Motorola talkabout radios. The cell phones are certainly more reliable! Anyway, the short of it is that throughout the day I drank about two quarts of water and iced tea, as well as a grande gingerbread latte at breakfast and 2 cups of hot herbal tea at dinner. Yay me!!! I did not sleep much at all and now I am a living zombie as I write this to you. Therefore, in the interest of wrapping up for bed I'll keep this short.

Pete kept hanging from his tether shouting "WooHoo!" and therefore logged only 4,941 steps even though I wore him the entire day. I drank lots and I slept very little. That makes me 2 for three again. Now, I am going to bed because I cannot think straight and keep writing crazy things as I drift off in front of the monitor.

If this post doesn't make sense, hopefully I will notice that the next time I log on and I will fix it. It happense because I am too far gone to try and edit is myself tonight.

Take care and stay safe!

Hotflash out!