Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 9

Hi Team!

Are you there? It is me, Hotflash!

Today has been a pretty good day for me and I am TIRED!! I was a good girl and went for my walk today with Coach Alex. Her pedometer was working and we determined that our walk route is just barely over 3 miles. And we've been completing it in 50-55 minutes! Not bad at all! Monday we started throwing in some stair climbing along with the walk. We use the outside steps to the former Nordstrom's Entrance at the Tacoma Mall. Today my goal was five times up and down them, but I pushed hard and completed 10! YAY ME! Oops, I did that in front of, er, along side of Coach Alex. She'll never let me slack to less than that now! What have I done??!! LOL

I replaced my defective replacement pedometer today. I have not had time to program it to my stride, weight, etc. (that's what teenagers are for, anyway) but I did program in the time and it does count steps for me. From the time I got dressed this morning until now, 8:26 pm, I walked 14,238
steps! Awesome!

I got about 6 hours of sleep last night so I can still make improvements there. (God is Able!)

I haven't had enough water today, but Coach Alex has reminded me that I won't be so sore or have the calf cramps I have had when walking if I DO drink my water. I have had about 20-24 oz of juice at work and I have a 20 ounce glass of water that I am working on right now.

I met briefly with the PE teacher at school today and he and I are going to schedule a meeting soon to discuss ideas for building upper body strength at home.

I finally started my list of things I want to change in my life! So far it has on it:


I want to lose 51 pounds
I want to sleep more
I want to drink more water
I want to pray more
I want to be in The Word, daily
I want to build lean flexible muscles
I want to go to school and get EMT certified
I want to procrastinate less
I want to exercise daily
I want to change my self talk from "I can't" to God is Able!
I want to remember and state that "God Is Able" everytime I think of an excuse not to succeed and everytime I experience and recognize a failure.

I will continue to add to this list as the ideas come to me. I know I had other ideas already that are not on this list yet, and I don't remember what they are at the moment. I also have a few things that I could put on the list but prefer to leave private! (but only a few!)

Coach ALex and I originally planned to walk twice this week (Tue and Thur) but THur didn't work for her so we switched to Mon and Wed. Since we did that, we have decided to go ahead and walk Fri as well. Then Saturday is my walk to raise funds for ultrasound machines and technical training for crisis pregnancy centers. I am pleased to be getting lots of exercise this week.

ANother bit of good news is this: I met a female firefighter on a fanfiction web site (where amature writers post their stories) and told her about my goals. She has not joined this blog but she is encouraging me through Facebook. That makes her our newest team member! Thanks Angy!

Well, that is all folks. I am feeling encouraged by today's successes.

Until next time, Stay safe!

Hotflash out