Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 46

Hi Team!

Today has been a good day. Pete logged 7,089 steps in the parts of the day that he wasn't hanging from his yarn tether not counting my steps.

I drank my fluids (2 quarts) and I even handled the morning without caffeine even though I went to bed too late! Yay me!

I dioscovered that TFD does not train civilians as EMT's at all. And they won't be holding EMT classes for their own until the second half of 2010, but they were very nice, courteous and pleasant to email back and forth with.

My bro says that the smaller depts. in the area would be more likely to be of help to me. THey need so many bodies to fill a class and the income from an outsider would help with their budgets, etc. I'm thinking East Pierce Fire and Rescue or University Place, maybe even Central Pierce.

I found a great blog, it's called Hydrant Girl and her Firefighter. She has some great pictures posted there. One is really cute. Hydrant Girl has finished school and is a firefighter, but not a career firefighter yet. It is her hope and dream to become one. Firefighter is a career firefighter. Hydrant Girl tells great stories and posts great pictures. One of my favorites is of her in her wedding dress... and bunker pants! Another great picture there is of a ladder truck, ladder extended, fire fighter on ladder, sillhouetted against a background of a giant explosion of flame! It's COOL! ...er... HOT! (Thanks Hydrant Girl for encouraging me! You are yet another of my heroes!)

Well, I have to go to bed, so...


Hotflash out.