Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 172

Hi Team!


I am feeling crappy still though the nausea seems to have passed.  OMG!! as I write this I realize that many of my recent symptoms are reminiscent of... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! NO it CAN't BE>>> I am NOT pregnant!  But I have been way tired lately.  And I am peeing a lot.  I mean often but not a lot at all.  YIKES!! I better not be late!  As if I can judge that.  I haven't been regular in three years!  OMG OMG OMG!!!  I'm really scared!!!  That would SO suck!!!  Just this past weekend I saw a mom with a teeny tiny infant and said, "Oh, I want one of those..." then shocked myself when I quickly said, "But not to keep!"  I was just thinking I had finally passed a major milestone in my life.  OMG!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!

OK, stop freaking out.  Nothing to worry about until I know something.  RIGHT?  I cannot believe that I am going through this thought process on my blog.  Well, that's life.  It IS part of my journey right now.  OMG I am freaking out!  I mean like... almost panicky!  The timing would really suck!  I WANT TO BE A PARAMEDIC!!! 

I'm too freaked out to write right now.  Sorry to leave you hanging!

Stay safe! 

Hotflash out!

Report From Ladder Company 40 Days 170 and 171


Ok I admit it.  I only exercised today because I was afraid to call Coach Alex and cancel.  I'm glad I walkd though!  I just felt so tired and worn out.  Even after 12 hours of bed time on Friday night.  I drank my fluids today, two quarts plus a little more.  I don't remember what time I went to bed Sunday night so I'll be conservative and say I am two for three though I may have been better than that.  I am still feeling crappy. 

I just feel sick to my stomach, and very tired.  Nothing else to report for Monday.


Well, I have had a headache all day but otherwise have been feeling a little better.  No nausea.  I drank about 3 quarts today of WATER, and iced tea.  I have kept busy today, not exercising on purpose but not lazy either.  It isn't a scheduled workout day so I am giving myself three for three. (oh, I got a fair amount of sleep!) 

Today was the first CERT class.  We have quite a varied bunch of volunteers taking this class.  Child Care directors, , Paramedic wannabe, School librarian, Traffic engineer, architect, safe streets leaders, former first responders from NY, retired CIA, young adult neighbor of mostly elderly people, military guy just back from Afghanistan and his wife, etc.  Great mix!  This should be very interesting.

We got our green CERT helmets, goggles and gloves made for andre the giant! (seriously, I couldn't do anything in my gloves if my life depended on it!)  I will have to go find some other gloves and buy them.  We are required to bring these items to each class hereafter.  When the class is over we will be issued substantial disaster kits.  I am told they cost the city 60 dollars each before tax.  I can see waiting to make sure we are serious before issuing them.  We are not being charged a penny.  And they feed us too.    Today was pretty much orientation to CERT.  Thursday we will launch into small fire suppression.  Using extinguishers complete with practical exercise.  I hope they'll accept whatever gloves I find as a substitute for what was issued.  My gloves would be too big for my feet with shoes on!

Not much else to report.

Stay safe!

Hotflash out.