Thursday, November 26, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 73

Hi Team!!


Pete and I took the day off! We think we deserve it.

Stay safe and THANK you for being there for me!!!

Hotflash out.

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 72

Hi Team!

I was so tired I fell asleep reading a manuscript an online writer friend of mine sent me for review and therefore did not post my blog for Day 72 yesterday. I feel badly that I fell asleep reading it because I am enjoying her story. I met her on a fan fiction writing website but she has been published as a fiction author and I feel very honored that she asked me to review a manuscript she was considering submitting to her publisher. Anyway, that is my excuse. Please forgive me.

Today (by that I mean day 72) was a good day. It has been a long week, these last 7 days. The last 5 work days were extra long shifts, as I have mentioned and I have been very tired. Tuesday and Wednesday were really good days at work though. I have been in a very good mood -more sleep makes a difference =) I have laughed a lot and really had fun with my school age kids.

One of my boys is a firefighter's kid and because he knows my passion, he thinks he can get special privileges and allowances. I have to ride him extra hard to keep him in line because of it. He isn't a bad boy, just very active and unaware of the "enough is enough" boundary. Today we had blackbean soup, that the kids and I made together, for snack. After all the kids had been served I served the staff and I was fixing myself a bowl. This boy came over to me and wanted to "help". I had chopped cilantro, sour cream, sliced green onions and lime juice to top the soup with. He wanted to put the lime juice in, but had never used a plastic lime squirt bottle before. As he got ready to put some in my soup I directed him to point it downward towards the bowl more, but he was faster than I could give the directions and he ended up hosing ME with a lot of lime juice! Then, my startled expression and the expression and loud laughter of my assistant who was right next to me at the time, and my sharp calling of his name to get him to stop squeezing the lime caused him to laugh so hard that no sound would come out and he nearly fell down. Luckily for him I generally have a good sense of humor and was able to laugh about it. I had a big wet spot partly on and under my left breast on my smock and my lovely assistant informed me that it looked like I was lactating and leaking! And I had to wear the smock because my boss requires it. It was a little embarrassing. But I survived. The same boy cracked me up prior to that when I was serving snack to the kids. I was encouraging them to at least try the soup and the toppings for it. Many would try the soup but only a few would try all the toppings for it. Most kids don't seem to like green plantlike things any where near what they have on their plates or in their bowls. When it was his turn to be served he said, "I'll be brave and try everything because that's what firefighters do!" He can be a real pill sometimes, but he really is a cute kid!

Well, I am happy to report that over the last 5 work days, 3 of them were exercise days and thanks to encouragement from my wonderful awesome terrific team (that's you) I didn't skip any of my workouts even though I was very tired. In fact, for Day 72 Pete logged for me 11,367 steps! No wonder I was so tired when I got home. I drank at least 3 quarts of fluids, not counting my morning coffee. And I slept okay overnight too. That makes 3/3! Yay me!!

Not much else to report.

Thanks for cheering me on. I love my team!!

Stay safe.

Hotflash out.