Monday, February 15, 2010

Report From Ladder Company 40 Days 148 and 149

Hi Team!

Saturday was a very slow day for me. I had a headache most of the day and so did my husband so we really didn’t do a lot. I did sleep in in the morning and therefore got plenty of sleep, and I drank 3 quarts of water and iced tea so I was two for three.

I had planned on walking to make up for not going out specifically on Friday, but that did not happen. L We just didn’t feel up to it. It was a quiet day at home, sleeping, swallowing ibuprofen, drinking tea and water and later, watching movies. Nothing at all exciting.


I felt much better! My husband did too. We got up early and went to church. Before service started I had already gotten my first quart down for the day! J After the service we went shopping for groceries. BORING, except we picked out our dinner and we got some walking in. We decided to fix thick pork blade steaks, mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy and asparagus for our Valentines dinner. YUMMY!!!! We couldn’t really afford to go out and we enjoyed our dinner in. Our teenaged son was away at his girlfriend’s house so we had a date at home! J J

We did take the dog on a forty-five minute walk so I made up for my missing walk on Friday! YAY ME! Not only that but we had a good time doing it. We haven’t taken very many walks together (my husband and I) in the last year or so. I would always get winded because he would walk too fast. Today was not like that at all! I kept up and did not get too tired or winded. I really enjoyed it actually.

By bed time I had drank three quarts of water and iced tea so for Sunday I was three for three.  WOO HOO!

Nothng else exciting to report.

Stay safe!

Hotflash out.