Friday, October 16, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 36

Hi Team!


But OH so SATISfied!

Today Pete logged 21,191 steps!! 12,000 of them were before noon and I took Pete off for a little over an hour in the middle of the day today.

I was such a good wannabe today. My walk started out in light, occasional rain showers. By half way through the second half of my walk, it was pouring. And I still had to do 12 sets of steps. Which I did, while getting soaked to the bone! And praise God, I didn't have any knee issues today at all and that was while being brave and not using the handrail. Yay ME, and God is ABLE and GOOD!

I got to bed a little earlier last night, only about an hour earlier than I have been so I still need towork on that, but it was better for me. And I slept very well last night.

I drank my usual two quarts of fluids today.

Last but not least tonight...

Tonight I earned one fifth of the money I still need to come up with for school. My company puts on a Parent's Night Out program where a few of the staff stay until 10:00 at night to do special activities with the kids and provide them with dinner so the parents can have a night out. The staff who work the shift get to split the 15.00 per head fee. Tonight I made just over 100.00 for school!! The last two hours of the evening were the toughest. I just kept reminding myself, "EMT school, EMT school..." and that made it more bearable. I wish it was up to me how often I can host these events! I'd do it once a month and start saving up for paramedic school too!

Well, I am very tired and not into writing blogs tonight. So, for now...

Hotflash out.