Thursday, September 17, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 10

Hi Team!

Today was a great day for me. Just a regular day in the scheme of climbing the ladder but all in all I had a really good day.

I did not get enough sleep last night. I just had a hard time sleeping and then had bad dreams. That is okay because God is able!

I drank lots of fluids today (at least lots for me). At least a quart and a half of water, iced tea and juice.

I am not at all sore from my work out yesterday, which surprises me because I was SO tired last night. But I did push the fluids in the evening so maybe that helped.

Today was not a walking day but I still put in 6980 steps, some of them deliberately! I am looking forward to my walk with Coach Alex tomorrow morning, and to my benefit walk through Point Defiance Park on Saturday, rain or shine!

Well, not much more to report. Thanks for reading, praying and encouraging.

Oh, I discovered that I mis-recalled (Is that a word? You get my drift!) the name of the book that inspired my blog heading. It was actually called "Report From Engine Company 82" still by Dennis Smith. Just a correction in case any one was interested. Not really important to the blog except for the sake of being accurate.

Stay Safe!

Hotflash out.