Monday, February 1, 2010

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 138 and 139

Hi Team!

Sorry, I have been really busy lately and it is hard to find time to blog.  I don't even feel like doing it now but know that I cannot let it get any further away from me if it is to be an effective tool.

Sunday was a day of being VERY SORE!!  Lots of water, lots of rest, ice and ibuprofin.  Long island iced teas might have worked better, or at least might have made me feel like they were working better, but alas, I did not tryi them to find out. =(

I have bruises on my knees and on my butt.  Both the left and right sides are bruised.  The muscles in my legs, butt, arms and neck are also killing me.  My hands hurt from having to squeeze that mask so tightly onto the face of that dummy.  I'm glad the masks seal better on real people than they do in this situation.  Seriously, I knew this would be work but I had no idea how intense of a workout I would get in that class!  I have an awful lot of work to do!!!

I drank about 2 quarts of fluid and got lots of rest.  I slept fairly well saturday night and I napped on Sunday.  Considering the workout I had on Saturday and the fact that Sunday is a day of rest, I can fairly give myself a 3 for 3.


I had my fluids, herbal tea... lots of it... all day.  I slept VERY well because I couldn't stay awake if my life depended on it!!  And as you will read below, I am definitely 3 for 3 today!!!

Today I learned what it felt to be a pinball!  Go here, go there, back over there, no over here, no that way, come back...!!!  That is what it was like at the college today when I went to apply for the EMT program.  And to think that I had called Coach Alex to tell her I would miss our workout because it was way more important to me to apply for the EMT program and be one of the first 27 to successfully do so.  I GOT my workout, and then some.  I would bet I got more of a workout than I would have otherwise.  I forgot what a wealth of misinformation and miscommunication community college could be!  It took a lot of walking, a little talking, a lot of smiling and appreciating that everyone meant well and a lot of patience, but I am officially enrolled to the college and my application to the EMT program has been accepted.  I start class the end of March!  : D  =)  : >  = >   : )  = D

I had planned to write with a lot more details of today, but I am very tired.  Sorry about that.  I think you can read that I am very happy and excited though.  And thankful for all of the prayers that have been offered on my behalf and all of the obstacles that God has cleared for me and the encouragement, etc. etc.

One more fun thing for the day.  I took cookies (orange vanilla ones, of course) and a card to Station 8 tonight.  I met Will, the firefighter who answered the door.  He invited us in the lobby of the station and we chatted for about 10 minutes.  He has a deep respect and appreciation for the Buffs, and I shared that I (and also the rest of the buffs) also have a deep appreciation for the ones out there doing the job of saving lives and property.  He was humble, as most firefighters are and downplayed it.  He engaged my hubby in conversation some too and my hubby said something that surprised me.  Will said that he looked forward to seeing us on the canteen unit.  As I started to say that my husband wasn't really into the whole gig he was just along for the ride with me, my hubby said, "I haven't gotten that far into it... yet."   YET!!!    He said, "YET"!!!   Maybe someday?  =)  That would be SO cool to share this with him!!

I'm going to bed.   

Stay safe!

Hotflash out.