Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 133

Hi Team!

It is good to be back and I have a fresh attitude and I am ready to dig in and climb hard!  Last night I slept very well!  YAY ME!    I drank 2 quarts of herbal tea today and I was very active and on my feet for most of the day.  Yay ME!  3 for 3!!

I still haven't heard from the college about registration for the EMT course.  I called them today and was shocked at what I discovered.  Apparently whomever I spoke to in September, or October, whenever it was that I called them, did not know what they were talking about and misinformed me.  I don't know if I ever was on the waitlist or not.  Apparently I was supposed to fill out an application for the program already.  I don't know how long ago the applications for the spring class became available but if I am not one of the first 27 to complete all the requirements and turn it in, I don't get into the class.  *&^$!!!!

The nice lady I spoke to today e-mailed me the application.  I need transcripts, (official ones, mailed directly to this college from the other colleges -which takes as long as two weeks) which I expected, but I didn't know I needed them right now!  I need a whole mess of immunizations, which insurance won't pay for of course: TB test, MMR, Diptheria/Tetanus, Hep B series (must be started to apply for EMT program), Flu shot, H1N1 shot (note from doc will suffice since I had it, I checked on that) and chicken pox!  I have an appointment tentatively scheduled for this thursday at 11:30 (if the doc can get the vaccines in by then) and I will leave there looking like swiss cheese!

As frustrated as I am about the crunch to get this done and be one of the first 27, I have to realize that this was not a suprise to God and trust that all will work out in HIS timing, remembering that his timing is always perfect.  I am doing my best to consider that and keep a good attitude.  Nonetheless, for you prayer warriors out there, please pray for me to get everything in quickly and get into the program this spring.  If I do, I will be hirable by summer and since I don't have a job in the summers with my current employer, that would be especially helpful!

In other news, Cat (Fire Buff Battalion President) e-mailed me today and wants to get together to get my fire department issued Fire Buff ID badge at which point I will officially be designated Canteen 7 (not  6 like I had been told earlier) and be able to run calls when needed.  =D   Yay ME!  We also finally launched the Fire Buff Battalion website.  If you are interested in taking a look it is still under construction but the address is:  http://www.tacomafirebuff.com/

Now, I am late on this but as promised, it is time to start meeting the team (for those who chose to participate).  Team, meet Coach Alex:  (Giving me a cheesy smile)
Coach Alex with a cheesy smile

Coach Alex is my very best friend in the whole wide world!  Alex is the kind of friend that can kick your butt and still make you smile and say thanks!  She will not hesitate to administer a good butt kicking when needed and that is exactly why I chose her as my coach.  She is positive and always speaks the truth, even when it is something you might not want to hear (but need to). 

Alex and I met at work at a Christian School where she was the playground supervisor and I was a Camp Counselor in the summer.  She was determined not to like me because I came across to her as a know it all in a meeting when we first met so she kept to herself mostly.  One day, she and the children were out on the playground chasing an escaped rabbit around a small fenced in portion of the playground.  The kids were trying to help her catch it but they kept getting excited and running and shouting.  None of which are conducive to capturning a scared bunny rabbit.  Finally one of the kids said, "Mrs. Hecker, just sneak up on it!" to which she replied, "There's no sneaking in gravel!"   Well, the sing song way she said it sounded exactly like Tom Hanks (albeit with a higher toned voice)  in the movie "A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN" when he said, "There's no crying in baseball!"  and I said that out loud because it struck me as funny.

Alex heard me.  She and her husband had recently had a conversation that only 1 per cent (or maybe it was 3, I never can remember) of the population regularly quotes movies.  Right then she discovered that we were BOTH members of the one per cent club.  We have been inseparable ever since.  We have since discovered that we are so much alike it scares our kids (and our husbands).  They all say when we are together it is scary because it's like having two moms/wives at once.  We laugh so much together that my face often hurts when we spend much time together due to the big smile that attaches itself to me. 

There you have it.  Coach Alex, you are amazing and I love you!

I'm getting off the computer to get some dinner and get to bed at a reasonable time (at least that is the plan) so stay safe!

Hotflash out.