Friday, October 30, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 48

Hi Team!

Man am I tired tonight! This week was kind of strange. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each felt like the day after when it really was. (Mon felt like Tue, etc.) I was really worried about Friday coming and it feeling like Saturday and still having to go to work. Fortunately, by Thursday it felt like Thursday. Today however, was such a busy day that I am completely exhausted.

Pete was good today. He logged 17,559 steps! And I'm feeling it too!
It was a good day but crazy with the Halloween party my boss made me put on for the kids. (I am not a big fan of Halloween). I especially hate having parties of this nature when the kids come to me already on sugar highs from their class parties. In any case, we had the party anyway and I didn't sit more than 10 minutes of my entire shift. I was setting up activities, serving food or cleaning up from the food or activities the entire shift. A very fun time was had by all, however, so it was well worth it.

You might be proud of me today for my bravery. For the party, I dressed up. Of course, as a firefighter. I bought a cheap dollar store fire hat and embellished it with black tape, a halloween ribbon chin strap and a station assignment (8). Then after looking everywhere for black eyeshadow that didn't shimmer, I found some at Walmart. I smeared it all over my face so that it looked like soot. I was supposed to wear a real Lakewood Fire Department badge that one of my kids was given by his father when he was promoted. He had agreed to loan it to me and had permission from his dad, but after having it in his hand to bring to me this morning, he somehow managed to leave it behind when he left home. I wore a homemade badge from our fire prevention week instead. But that isn't the brave part. When I was leaving work tonight, the school that we rent space from for our before and after school program was hosting a Trunk or Treat event. I did not know that the fire department would be attending but when I saw them there I got very brave. In my very silly looking outfit I approached them and asked to have my picture taken with them. I told them my bro is a ff and that I hope to be some day. They laughed at my outfit and offered the two ff's that they deemed to be the most good looking to pose with me. It wasn't until I got the camera home and uploaded my photo that I saw that one of the firefighters had his hands up over me in the photo! Characters! They were very nice and I thanked them. It was a silly thing, but it was not easy for me to do. Here's proof!

Halloween costume

I drank LOTS of fluids today and I am not cold today. I don't know what was up yesterday but I am feeling much better! Thanks to those of you who have sent me your well wishes!

Well, I am off to check in with my crusty old jake friends!

Take care, stay safe and I'll write again soon!

Hotflash out.