Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Report From Ladder Company 40 Days 158 and 159

Hi Team!

Tuesday was a hum drum kind of day.  Nothing spectacular to report, just that I slep well, drank two quarts of water and sugar free drink mix and was as active as possible during the course of work.  3 for three.


Today Coach Alex and her son James and I hit the mall for our walk.  James, having just graduated from college, started walking with us on Monday.  Coach took our picture so I could show you our newest team member.
Of course she took the pic at the end of our workout.  We don't look pretty, but we worked hard and earned our ragged appearances!

I am trying hard to finish up my minimum fluid intake before bed.  The last few days I have not been interested in drinking my water, tea, etc. for whatever reason.  It has been a challenge and a concerted effort to do so.  I don't know what is up with that.  I did get enough sleep and as you saw, I was very active today and I even included another 15 sets of stairs in today's workout... so three for 3!  Yeah baby!

I learned something today that I did not know.  I learned that my brother's oldest son wants to be a firefighter someday like his dad.  I've visited several times since I started this blog and I didn't have any clue!  I found out from a school assignment he did that my bro posted.  He loosely gave permission to repost as long as the last name was removed to protect anonymity so I did that.  You might get a kick out of it.

This autobiography was written by my 11 year old nephew!

Introduction/About myself

Hello. My name is Frank James "Doe" V (5th in descent. See Family/Heritage) I prefer to be called Jimmy, and that is my nickname. My birthday was April 2nd, 1998. My hair color is irrelevant, but if you want to know, it is a moderate brown color with blond tips, a sort of dirty blondish color. My weight changes on what I eat, but it averages at about 85 lbs. I do not know my height, but if I had to guess, I’d say somewhere around 4’7”.

Favorite things

My favorite things consist of family, friends, video games, fencing (sword fighting), snowball fights, and other boy stuff.

My favorite movie is Avatar. It is a movie about a guy who blah, blah, blah, blah. I would just take up space telling you about it.

My favorite book (series) is the Harry Potter series. It has 7 books: The Sorcerer’s Stone; The Chamber of Secrets; The Prisoner of Azkaban; The Goblet of Fire; The Order of the Phoenix; The Half-Blood Prince; and The Deathly Hallows.


I don’t have any official hobbies, but hobbies aren’t exactly official in the first place.   I babysit, and I like to play piano. I’m very good at hooking up TVs to DVDs, VCRs etc. I shoot rifles and bows.


I am the fifth descendent of Frank "Doe" I. Frank "Doe" I named his son (and my great grandpa) Frank "Doe" II. Frank James "Doe" II named his son (and my grandpa) Frank "Doe" III. Frank "Doe" III (deciding to carry on with the “Frank descent” as my dad calls it) named his son (and my father) Frank "Doe" IV. You can probably guess where I ended up. I am Frank "Doe" V, and hopefully this “Frank descent” will continue. My father’s siblings number to about 25! I didn’t believe it until he explained the unfortunately large number of divorces and adoptions.

My mother’s parents also had many divorces, but not so many children.

I have 5 siblings though, and it’s an adventure.


I don’t want to go into this subject because I’m afraid I’ll exaggerate some facts about myself. Almost all my family agrees I’m a nut (I’m partial to cashew). Even though my older sister questions my human quality, I’m pretty sure I’m human.


I’ve had so many friends, I can’t keep count, but I can still name them. This is the order I met them in: Nick, Riana, Molly, Celia, Madeleine, Robert, Quinn, Jacob, Kurt, Aubrey, Joey, and Olivia. I’ve had other friends; I just can’t remember their names.


I’ve had a good life, and I look forward to the rest of it. In the future, I hope to become a firefighter like my dad. I also hope to continue the “Frank descent”.


I loved it!  He can tell a story just like his dad!  The only inaccuracy I saw is the siblings.  (I mean they are my siblings too, right?)  I only count 15, one more legally but not really. (Don't ask, it's complicated)  And then there are three more who are "steps".  That makes at most 19, but that isn't all that big of a deal in the scheme of things.  WE HAVE A LOT OF SIBLINGS!!  And when Jimmy said his family thinks he's a nut and he's partial to cashew, he's not kidding.  Each of the "Doe's" has been given a nutty nickname!  Jimmy's is cashew and I think Johnny's might be "wing" (as in "wingnut! LOL)  I can't remember who is who but if you ask me their just a bunch of mixed nuts!

Stay safe!

Hotflash out.