Sunday, November 1, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 49

Hi Team...

First, a warm welcome to PS911dispatcher! I am very happy you have joined my team!

That said:

The bad news is I'm not dead yet. The worse news is I am afraid I won't die. Even worse, I know people who drive fire trucks and even they won't drive over me and put me out of everyobody's misery! Help a sister out, would ya?! A tiller ought to do the trick. If not you could always go around the block and give it another whirl. Or maybe I could dig in and burrow myself under an emergency fire shelter in a forest fire. It might help me get warm. God knows nothing else is working; silk long john tops and bottoms, comforter, thermal blanket, hat on my head, tube sock stuffed with dry rice and heated up behind my neck, body heat from the weiner dog in my lap and a cup of hot tea. Hell, just set me on fire!

I told pete to take a flying leap today. He took the hint and will probably be back in a few days, if nobody runs me over with the tiller.

I've been doped up on motrin, sudafed and I have tried guifenisin (generic version of mucinex) because my cough isn't producing anything, but that sh*# gives me heart attack like symptoms sometimes. A half hour after taking it I had an episode with tightness in the chest, some shortness of breath, pain in my left arm and left jaw, pain in my back and nausea/stomach pain. It is scary as hell. It went away after five minutes. I was home alone and almost called 911. I know I should have, but that is another story. I think the tiller would be less uncomfortable! This has happened before but does not happen every time I take the stuff. Needless to say I am not really eager to take it but I don't know how else to feel better once that effect wears off.

I have been pushing the fluids though. Lots of hot tea. Some water. I ate some today too. A couple of pieces of pizza, a cupcake, whatever I could find. Nothing tasted good or felt good after I ate it. Not real hungry now, even though Brian fixed one of my favorites, corned beef and cabbage. Sigh. Right now when I think about that all I can think is "ICK!"

Okay, so if you haven't figured it out, Hotflash doesn't *do* sick very well.

Hotflash down!

ps stay safe! And well! Wash your hands often! Don't touch any public surfaces if you can help it! Use sanitizer when you have to touch things and cannot wash! Get your immunizations! Avoid public gatherings as much as possible! Don't touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth! Get enough sleep! (yeah, don't remind me!) Drink plenty of fluids! Eat well! Pray for health! See how well it worked for me?

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 49

Hi Team.

(Notice no exclamation point?)

(I am posting for yesterday, technically).

It's official. I'm Sick @_@

I had my flu shot two weeks ago, but have not been able to get the H1N1 vaccination as I am unable to locate any place that has any in stock!

I had a tickle all day that would not go away and I felt tired. (I am posting for yesterday, technically). I had a pretty low key day. I wasn't feeling sick, just tired with an annoying tickle so I spent several hours painting pottery at my favorite studio. I've been working on two little cows in turnout gear. I intend to have them drilled and make salt and pepper shakers out of them. I find painting to be very relaxing so it was kind of therapeutic for me.

When I came home from that I took a little nap and then it was off to the harvest carnival at church where I promised to work the craft booth. I took hot tea with honey with me to try and calm the tickle. A little cough was starting to develop and an occasional burning sensation in the chest. I made it through the two hour shift and came home. By bed time I was feeling pretty lousy. The sinuses were getting plugged and the achiness of stuffed sinuses was becoming more apparent.

I've been taking vitamin C, pushing my fluids and getting extra rest, but I fear the creeping crud has caught up with me. I think I will go crawl back in bed now.

Stay safe, stay well, get your immunizations!!

Hotflash down and out!