Sunday, September 27, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 18

Hi Team!

I hope the weekend was good to you. It definitely was to me. Today was another busy day with Sunday school, church service, choir practice and quiz team practice! All of those obligations involved an awful lot of sitting so when I finished with quiz practice, I came home and took the dog for a walk. YAY ME!!

According to Pete I walked 6,098 steps today. NOt too bad. I would have preferred at least 8,000, but not too bad.

I had seven hours of sleep last night. That was great!

I have had about 60 ounces of fluid today.

Tomorrow I will be adding more stairs to my work out. Currently I walk three miles and do 10 sets of steps. I will begin doing 12 sets of steps tomorrow and if I am still breathing reasonably at the end of my workout on Friday, I will go for 15 sets next week. That is my goal anyway.

I have a challenge for anyone who is interested. I am looking for ideas on how to get my exercise in, in a fun way with little or no exercise equipment, while in Washougal at my brother's home/fire station. It has to be fun because my Coach will not be around to kick my butt and hold me accountable. She won't even be able to reach me online as I will not have online capability while I am gone. I don't want to go out walking because my brother lives in the sticks! I would prefer not to do my walking on gravel roads, or narrow roads along the Washougal River where the drivers routinely go 40-50 miles an hour! If you have any ideas, please send them my way. I have over a month to figure this out. Thanks.

Until later, Stay SAFE!

Hotflash out