Friday, December 18, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 92

Hi Team!

Today was an awesome day for me. I had one of the best days at work ever. Mr. and Mrs. Claus paid a visit to my kids today and made even the most cynical and skeptical of my kids question their beliefs that Santa isn't real. I mean, these two were amazing! (although, Santa admitted his beard and mustache are a little loose after 7 years of wear!)Time to grow new ones! =D
Christmas 2009 (med)

Unfortunately, I did not go to bed as planned last night. I found some fire department stuff from my own town, posted by an onoffical Buff and got sidetracked. I didn't go to bed until 11:30 =( (Bad Hotflash!)
But I did log 12,563 steps today and Pete was a very good pedometer. I didn't catch him playing Tarzan even once today! (good Pete!) And fluids were not a problem either. Probably because I ate a lot of salt today. I started my day at 4:45 this morning with 8 jumbo stuffed green olives! (When I was pregnant many MANY moons ago, my hubby bought them for me by the gallon because I'd eat about 14 every morning when I got up at about the same time I did today! -But I am NOT pregnant!) Then we had pizza for lunch at work today as a reward to the kids for doing so well in our fundraiser. I have had nearly a gallon of water and herbal iced tea today. So I AM 2 for 3 at least! And I didn't have one drop of Cherry Pepsi =D

I had a little time tonight and found a link on the Crusty Jakes website that I enjoyed. It's on YouTube. It is not fire department related, it IS police department related.

(Cut and paste into your browser)

The first part (12 days of Christmas) is funny. The rest (White
Christmas) is boring. Just telling you that ahead of time so you don't
waste your time thinking it has to get better. It doesn't! (If I knew someone on that Dept. it might be more interesting) But as I
said, the first part is great!

Here's another cool video I found:

Go to

(again, you will probably have to cut and paste into your browser)

Click on Slideshows\2008 ECFR 1.wmv

More fun though is the next one.

Slideshows\2008 ECFR 2-3.wmv That is "Firefighter SUV" by Hannibal
but it is put to pictures of an actual fire department.  It is hysterical. At least, we fire types think so.

Okay, that's the scoop so I'm gonna watch some Emergency! (Yay me!!)and then go to bed. (No bedtime on Fri nights!!)

Stay safe!

Hotflash out.


  1. No Cherry Pepsi? AWESOME!!!
    You are doing so great! I love my Emergency! now too! and thanks for the comments on my blog, i really appreciate them!

  2. I loved making the Fire SUV slideshow! I still crack up every time I watch it!

    My favorite of the collection, though, is the last one, which you didn't mention... but I know you watched it. I admit it... the music underlying those photos at the end still gives me goosebumps.

  3. Yes, the Fire SUV slide show is very funny. It is much funnier with your slide show than *just* listening to the routine. You did an AWESOME job with that.

    I DID indeed watch the third video and it is very well done and I liked it a lot, I just don't know how entertaining it might be to the "general public". The first one was exciting by the way the shots were taken and the transitions from picture to picture added a lot of interest too. Also the music was PERFECT and it was choreographed extremely well. The second, Firefighter SUV was absolutely hilarious. The third beautiful! But it is kind of apples to oranges when compared to the other two. That is the only reason I didn't mention it. I would bet people will watch it anyway if they watch the others. =)

    I hope that more videos will be made and posted in the future!