Thursday, November 5, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 53

Hi Team!

I DID IT!!! I survived going back to work today. Sort of. (sort of survived and sort of went back to work!) I went back for only my pm shift. And my brain would not engage. I had to do the month end paperwork that I would have completed and turned in Monday morning had I been there. I spent my entire pm shift doing nothing but the paperwork that normally takes 20 minutes and tallying the fundraiser. 53 items were sold in our fundraiser. The paperwork should have taken 1/2 hour, at the VERY most. I spent 4 hours on those two small tasks and then stayed an hour after work to finish it. I guess I wasn't quite ready to go back. On the way home from work I realized why the paperwork had been so hard.

I was listening to my favorite song, "It's Not My Time" by 3 Doors Down while I was driving home. Not ony was driving difficult, the song creeped me out! It was like the words didn't go with the music, like the timing was off. My brain could not handle it at all! It was very weird. No wonder I couldn't handle the paperwork!

I can sleep in tomorrow. I am going to work, but again only for the pm shift. And I won't have to go to a meeting first like I did today. And I won't have ANY paperwork to do. It is a good thing I have such an AWESOME staff!! They really held things together today, and while I was gone too.

Coach Alex became Doc. Alex for a time today. After chatting with me this morning about how I was doing, she called me back to tell me that althought he weather looked pretty ominous outside, the wind was warm. She prescribed a "big, hot, handsome..." (I thought she might say fireman LOL -just kidding)"...cup of tea" to take outside and sit on the porch with and take in some air. I took a nice hot cup of tea and a big hot handsome hubby with me instead! HEAVEN!!! It was wonderful! Thanks DOC!

I took Pete to work with me today. He went in service at about noon and just went out of service at 9:15 tonight (five min. ago). He logged in 4,115 steps! Not too bad for someone who spent most of the afternoon doing paperwork! Good job Pete! Thanks for behaving today.

I have had my two quarts of fluids today, mostly in the form of tea. I did not purposely exercise, because I am still recovering but I am looking forward to when I can get back into my routine. I miss it. ME! I MISS exercising!! Can you BELIEVE it? I can't! I am AMAZED!

On another positive note, the boss and I talked and I AM taking my vacation as planned! YAY ME! God is SO good!

I'll write at you again tomorrow!

Stay Safe!

Hotflash out.

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