Thursday, November 5, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 52

Hi Team!

Well, I am officially on the mend. I feel about 85% human. I no longer wish that somebody would run me over with the tiller, (though I am still a little disappointed that nobody stepped up when I needed it!)

I am still pretty weak and my chest still burns sometimes. THere is still some congestion but no coughing, sneezing, runny nose or fever so I am going to go to work this afternoon. (Today is really day 53- I am posting a day late again).

Thanks to those of you who sent encouragement and prayed for me. Please keep my son in your prayers as he is still a VERY sick boy. We spent most of day 52 fighting fire -the fire that was his fever of 103.6!

As of 10:30 last night his fever was down and it has stayed down since, Thank God! Mr. Hotflash is staying home with him this afternoon so I can work a few hours.

I have to say, my blog supporters and all my "family" from the Crusty Old Jakes have really sustained me and kept me going through all of this. They have been very supportive and kept me surrounded in comic relief. It is the best medicine I know. In fact I have my son watching Jerry Lewis in The Disorderly Orderly right now. :D

I will try to post Day 53 (which is really today) before I go to bed tonight.

Until later,

Stay well and stay safe!

Hotflash out


  1. I would have offered to run you over, but that's not the right kind of encourgement. And the whole thou shall not kill thing kinda comes in conflict too.. ;)

  2. 911, Yeah, I get it. But at the time it seemed the most humane thing a person could do for me! Thankfully, the prayers everyone sent out were more effective than that would have been and I am feeling a lot more human now! Thanks :D