Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 34

Hi Team.

No exclamation point today. Not everything, but many things that Could go wrong today DID. I woke up feeling crappy. I went to my morning shift and developed a migraine headache. TOday school was out early so with that combination I skipped my workout and slept. Back at school, the weather was terrible. I had the University Place Fire Department coming out for fire safety talks and a chance for the kids to explore the fire engine. Yay. IN the pouring down rain. One of my firehat earrings broke and got lost. One of my staff called in sick. Pete only recored 53 steps. (apparently his reset button got pushed). Not the best day I have ever had.

On a positive note, when we were about to take the kids out to explore the fire engine they got a call and had to leave, but the call got cancelled and they pulled right back in before they even got their lights and siren on; the rain let up during the exploration of the fire engine but was coming down in buckets before and after; One of the firefighters who came out was the step mother of one of my kids, and that was unexpected today; One of my parents works for SNAPPLE and gave me four bottles of Nantucket Nectars, in different flavors just because; and while looking for something else in my car I found my North Pole Fire Department hat, that I forgot I even had. God is GOOD. He keeps reminding me of this.

I don't know how many steps I really walked to day but I do know that I took extra steps on purpose, pacing during a movie we showed the kids, walking the kids back and forth to the fire engine, parking at the far end of the lot, and so on.

I drank about 2 quarts today. I should have drank even more! I'm thirsty tonight. I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick...

It is an hour earlier than I have been getting to bed and I am getting done here and going to bed now.

Thanks for continuing to stick with me. You are the best team a Wannabe could have!

Stay Safe!!

Hotflash out.

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