Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 21

Hi Team!

Happy three week anniversary!!!

Today was an interesting day. On my walk today, my feet went completely numb. They were so numb I could barely walk at times and had to keep stopping to hold on to something and stomp my feet several time to get the feeling back. I have never experienced this before and when my laps and time were completed, even though I remained standing as Coach Alex and I talked, my feet felt fine. This could be explained by a pinched nerve or misalignment of my spine in some way, but I think this is a spiritual attack. I did not let it stop me, though I nearly gave in and then thought better of it. GOD IS ABLE!! Please pray for no more of this nonsense!

Today Pete tells me I walked 14,364 steps! YAY ME!!!

I drank approx. 60 ounces of fluid.

I did not get enough sleep and I can tell you right now, I will not get enough sleep tonight. That is another issue I would appreciate prayers on. That I would make wise decisions with my time and that I would find/make time to get the rest I need. This is proving to be one of my most difficult mini challenges within my ultimate challenge.

On a positive note, not having to do with my climb but having everything to do with motivation, I had a pen from East Pierce Fire and Rescue that I obtained from the Fire Department Open House I attended last friday. I let a parent use it to sign their child out on Tuesday afternoon and that parent inadvertantly walked off with it. It was a FIRE DEPARTMENT pen, and as such, it was special to me. (insert whininess or pouting or whatever seems appropriate here.) I knew it was silly to dither over a silly little pen, but I LIKED that pen. (Yes, I know I said on a positive note, keep reading!) This morning I was talking to one of my staff about it and how silly it is that I was so attached to it just because it was a fire department pen. She was very sweet and tried to make me feel okay about being whiny about it. This afternoon when she arrived at work she told me she had something for me. It seems that she took it upon herself to visit the U.P. Fire Department and ask them if they had a fire department pen they would be willing to part with. She brought it to me as a gift. (insert sappy tears of happiness here!) MY STAFF ROCKS!!! And God even cares about my pens! I feel so blessed and so loved. Really!

Until next time... Stay safe!!

Hotflash out.


  1. Dear HotFlash,

    I have just finished reading your September blog collection - trying to catch up, you know.

    I can tell that you're serious and determined to keep this up AND that you have some rather large hurdles to overcome, but the fact that you keep right on going despite the bumps in the road speaks VOLUMES for your spirit and determination.

    You CAN do it, and you WILL do it!

    Somebody loves you...

  2. Thanks Dad,

    I AM determined! And I have amazing support this time around! I love you!