Friday, September 25, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 17

Hi Team!

I am in a very up and happy mood! It seems my hero has been reading my blog and posted some kind comments on his own blog, the Engine 17 Project, about it. My brother is so AWESOME!

Today was a walking day so I made 10,982 steps, according to Pete. (That is the name I gave to my pedometer just this moment!) Pete's judgement is off when it comes to distance. This I am sure of because I clocked my walk route with my trip odometer in my car. That means that my stride is not correctly inputted into Pete's memory. Distance isn't that important though. I walked an entire hour and made my 10 trips up and down the steps. Monday I will begin making 12 trips each time. YAY ME!

Coach Alex loves to dance to the beat of a different drum and swim upstream, etc. She wanted to walk our route in the reverse direction on Wednesday. I, being a creature of habit and probably having at least a mild case of OCD, did not. I did it though, because Coach Alex can be VERY persuasive. That is why she IS COACH Alex. Today I told her that I would be into walking one lap one direction and the second the opposite direction, starting on Monday. Then I gave in from there, without any prodding from Coach Alex and we started it today. I liked it! Now we get two different perspectives of the outside store windows and see things we didn't notice as much before. It's all good!

I didn't do so well on sleep, only 5 hours of down time. Not so disciplined there, but GOD is able!

I did well with my fluid intake. I stopped keeping track after two quarts, but it has been significantly more than that.

Well, I don't have much else to say at the moment. Thanks to all who pray for me, all who support me in my goals and efforts, those who kick my ass when necessary (or give me silence if it is deemed more effective!), etc.

I love all of you and appreciate all of you. I am very blessed to have family and friends like you.

Until later, Stay safe!

Hotflash out.

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