Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 78

Hi Team!

Wow time has gone by fast. Day 78? Already?

Let's see, boring stuff first. I slept well last night, although I still did NOT want to get up this morning. I have had very close to 2 quarts to drink today, that isn't as good as usual, but it will do. My steps, according to Pete, were 5,584. Not great but not bad. I say that gives me a 3 for three today. YAY ME!

Now the fun stuff. Today was the first day of four that the annual fire department Minimum this year. Cat and Bob, our fire buff president and husband, introduced me to a lot of officials today and several of them spoke to me briefly after our initial introductions making me feel very welcome. You can really feel the love if you are a member of the Fire Buff Battalion. The firefighters and the brass both really like having us around. I am proud to be a part of it. The Fire Buffs were presenting one of the awards, the "pan on the stove" award. We gave it out in response to a contest we had between the shifts to submit recipe's for a cookbook we are trying to make. I learned quite a bit too.

Pan on Stove,Fire buffs,Fire Department,TFD,TPCFBB

I learned more about budget woes than I care to have. I also learned that our fire department has just gone through a special accreditation process and is now an accredited department. (Sadly I could not tell you in detail what all this entails, but I can tell you that the department is very proud of its accomplishments. And they showed pictures of some of the new rigs our department has purchased.

Here is Engine 3 Front view
TFD,fire engine,pierce

Engine 3 Front/side angle view
TFD,Fire engine

They also fed us very well. Chicken Marsala, some sort of baked pasta dish (not lasagna but similar) salad, fruit salad, rolls, soda, coffee, cookies, mandarin oranges.

THe best part of the day was when I got to meet Joe Stiles between programs. Leiutenant Joe Stiles. Joe was a paramedic at the fire station I grew up near. He was one of the friendlier firefighters I got to know during that time. I introduced myself to him and was surprised that he did indeed remember me, and that I had a brother, whose name he struggled with but then came up with on his own, except he said the third and that is my dad, my brother is the fourth, FJB. We had a good chat and he was very pleased that my brother became a firefighter. Lt. Stiles just joined the fire prevention management team so his job is ever changing.

It was a great day. I cannot go tomorrow but I am planning on going on Thursday for part of the ceremonies and on Friday for most of them.

Well, now that I am learning to post pictures, you will see more soon. Like pics from my Washougal trips!

I must be trotting off to bed now!

Stay safe!

Hotflash out.

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