Monday, November 23, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 70

Hi Team!

Today was a good day despite the extra hours of kids at work! I met Coach Alex for my walk today, though I have decided on days that I have to work early we can cut one mile off of our walk. I still walked 12,404 steps today according to Pete! Thanks Pete for working so hard for me. :D

I slept fairly well and I even sneaked in a 20 min power nap today. Coach Alex caught me sleeping in the car awaiting her arrival for our walk! And I drank my fluids today, but admittedly, if I don't sleep well tonight it is my own fault! My secret pal gave me a 1 liter Cherry Pepsi last week. I was planning on drinking it on friday when I would have the whole weekend to sleep if needed. (well sort of anyway). BUt I didn't. I drank it today and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! I have been really good about not drinking sodas. Last year I had a 44 0z cherry pepsi every day! Other than one 20 oz bottle in Washougal over my vacation just a week ago, I haven't had any since I was in Washougal over the summer! I've been a very good girl in that respect and once I cracked it open today, it was completely irresistable! Cherry Pepsi never tasted better!

Note to self: on the rare occasion Cherry Pepsi should be made available to me by myself or another party, keep the containers small!!!

What does that make me for the day, 2 1/2 for three? I'm being generous with myself here. :D

Well, it is a quarter to nine. If I wrap this up and finish up the other couple of things I want to do online I might be in bed by 9:30 or earlier!

Stay safe!

Hotflash out.


  1. Nice job on cutting out the soda!! I know it's hard at first, but in the end it's going to be worth it!!! hope you get good sleep too.

  2. Thanks 911R!

    Cutting soda out was hard, but now on the rare occasion I have any, it seems SO good!!

    I am happy to report that God allowed me to sleep well last night even after my soda splurge!
    YAY ME!