Monday, November 2, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 50

Hi Team!

(Look the ! is back.)

I feel a little bit human, at the moment. The fever is at bay thanks to motrin. I went to the doc today and he agreed that the pigs have landed. He took a swab to be sure, but it doesn't really matter> Either way I feel like death warmed over. (and chilled, then warmed, then chilled...) Glad to be getting it out of the way now, though. I leave for Washougal in a week. Sadly, my vacation and sick time are all rolled into one measly package and being sick means my pay in June will be cut because I am salaried. I don't have the time to take vacation this month and to be sick. I built in a little leeway but with the time off I have to take for quizzing there isn't much slack. SIGH I don't care. I am NOT giving up my trip. I want to play with a firehose! Oh yeah, and see my brother and his fam, my sister, my grandpa, my neice and grandnewphew, OMSI and make a trip to Powells Books, and whatever other trouble I can get into while I am there.

Well, obviously, I have been too sick to exercise. In fact I have been told in no uncertain terms from both the Doc and Doctor Mom not to push myself AT ALL. I am ordered to lots of chicken soup and lots of sleep. Also I've been ordered off work for 3-5 days and never to take guifenisin again! (SUPRISE) Now due to allergies and strange and scary reactions I am extremely limited on antibiotics, painkillers and cough medicines that I can safely take. I had just better develop the super power of extreme immunity to pain and infections.

Pete is enjoying a leisurely vacation.

I have had 10 12 ounce cups of tea today. I have slept off and on all day. That's all I have to report.

Thanks for reading and thanks for encouraging me.

Stay Safe.

Hotflash still down and out.


  1. Well since you are down and out I will tell you a story about a truck that is down and out too. Hope it helps pass the time...

    I sent my FD out to an alarm call, no big deal, it's false. Then the chief calls and tells me that he needs a big tow truck for one of the engines. He doesn't sound happy.. With all the rain I just thought someone was stuck. Nope, a firefighter drove the engine off a "construction road" (a drop of at least 6inches with exposed metal rods out the side) and blew a front stearing tire! Poor Chief. It was like 0115 and he was exhausted. When he called again he was so mad, he said the driver hadn't even thought to check the tires for damage. Plus there was another truck that was blocked in behind the disabled engine. After about 2 hours, they all got to go home though.

    But feel better soon and know that an engine in Townsville is also down and out for service. I'm sure that you'll be up and feeling better soon though!! Sounds like you are doing everything right!

  2. 911,

    Thanks for the story. Poor fire engine. Poor Chief and I'm glad I am not that engineer! I really appreciate your support!