Friday, September 11, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 4

Hello Team! (Welcome Coach Alex. You ROCK!)

Today was sort of an epic failure. To start off with, I did not get to bed early last night. My goal is by 9:30 on work nights. My husband didn't get home until after 10 last night and after decompression time, It was around 11:00 I finally hit the sack.

The morning started off well. I had no eating issues today. I've eaten moderately and made mostly good choices. I was doing well on the stats with the pedometer this morning, but unfortunately, at about 4:50 pm, it fell off and when it hit the floor everything went blank on it's littel screen. CRAP!


Today I walked who knows how many steps.
I've no clue how far I walked
your guess is as good as mine as to how many calories I burned doing it.

Did not score so well in the water drinking department either, but I still have almost 2 hours to catch up on that! :)

Well, tomorrow is the first quiz meet of the year. (it is a scramble, sort of an introduction to quizzing. The first REAL meet will be later. Our church is hosting the scramble so I will be working that all day. Then the reward for myself this week is in the evening. 6:30 Tacoma Pierce County Fire Buff Battalion Meeting. WOO HOO!

Thanks for cheering for me.

Hotflash out.

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