Saturday, September 19, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 11

Hi Team!

Oh boy! I've done it now. Remember how I said one of my goals was to get more sleep? Well there is a very good reason for that. (Besides that that it is much healthier for my to do so than not). Last night, I fell asleep at the computer. When I woke up, slumped over the keyboard, I didn't remember that I hadn 't blogged yet. I remembered that much later after waking up from my "bed" because of a more urgent matter. So, here I am now, upon waking for the next day, writing my blog, sheepishly.

Yesterday, (Day 11) was a really good day:

Right after my morning shift, Coach Alex and I went for our usual walk. We made our three miles in a little less than an hour and did 10 sets of stairs.

My total step count for yesterday was 18,525 steps!! That translates into 6.72 miles!

I drank at least 60 ounces of water yesterday! YAY ME!

Somebody told me, "Wow, you're losing weight, I can see it in your face!"

The PE teacher at the school I work in told me I was doing a great job and to keep up the good work.

All in all it was a day of great successes and encouragement.

Today, (which is actually day 12) is my 4USTacoma walk, benefitting Crisis Pregnancy Centers with Ultrasound machines and training for technicians. It is a three mile walk through Point Defiance Park. It is not looking too promising out there weather wise, but I am going!

Thanks for all the support, well wishes, prayers, encouragement, etc.

Until tonight, Stay Safe!

Hotflash out.

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