Saturday, March 6, 2010

Report From Ladder Company 40 Days 165 and 166

Hi Team!


Well, I did not meet with Coach Alex today because I had an early release day at work, meaning I had to come in early to greet kids that got out early.  In addition, I had a meeting with the Fire Buff Battalion during the shorter split.  Today I received my set up for my car to be used as Canteen 6.  I got two magnetic signs, gatorade, water, and cookies.  I just need an ice chest now.  (pictures coming in a future post)

I did well on fluids today.  3 quarts!  YAY me.  I did not go exercise but was again very active at work, especially since I had an extra two hours and extra children.  I slept about 7 hours so that makes me three for three.  I'm still really tired though.  It is hard to catch up on missing sleep.


Good gracious me, I am TIRED!!!!!!!!!!  I am a walking Zombie, officially!  I drank two quarts today, barely.   I was as active as I usually am on a non scheduled exercise day.  But I can only claim 2 for three because last night I did not sleep.  It wasn't my fault but as tired as I have been this week already, I'm not gonna try to defend it.  I'm just too beat.  Here's what happened:

It seems my dog got into the garbage this morning, where she found about 2 1/2 pounds of chocolate. It had been mixed with Craisins and was a great snack, until the craisins crystallized (well the sugar in them did anyway) and left a texture that was less than desirable (apparently) to my son and husband. My son threw them away.

Although my dog is not perfect, Kaylee has always been pretty well behaved even without formal training. However, lately she has decided to knock over recycle bins and the garbage can every time she is left home alone. Usually we put the trash can in the bathtub to prevent this. Unfortunately, my son forgot to put it back after his shower. When I came home after my morning shift the can was knocked over and there was garbage strewn about. I cleaned it up after scolding Kaylee and didn't think about it again. I did not know that it HAD been full of chocolate.

When I came home from my morning shift, Kaylee seemed a bit more "clingy" for lack of a better way of describing it. She wanted lots of cuddles and attention. Okay, so I figured she was lonely. No big deal, I took a nap because I was exhausted from the night before and Kaylee cuddled up to me and napped too.

That night after dinner and after everyone else had gone to bed, I was starting on writing my blog. (I did not finish it due to the next event but I saved it and finished it later.) As I was writing, suddenly I heard Kaylee start to wretch. Oh no! I turned to look at her and she threw up chocolate puke all over my carpet. I ran to get something to clean it up and before I got back and cleaned it, she had done it three more times in different places. (Sorry to gross anyone out!) I cleaned up several messes and called my husband out of the bedroom to give me a hand. Kaylee went and drank a bunch of water then tried to settle on the couch next to me while I petted her and tried to comfort her. By this time I had figured out she had eaten chocolate because it looked and smelled (sorry) like chocolate. But I had no idea where she got it or how much she ate. After about an hour of this happening over and over and after a lot of prayer, she seemed to settle down and want to sleep. I let her curl up in my lap in the recliner chair and we started to go to sleep. Shortly after the light was off she did it again. All over my top blanket. In order to contain it and to try and keep my second blanket from getting yucky, I wrapped her up in the top one. Of course, this covered her in the mess. I hollered for my husband because I could not let go of the dog to un-recline the chair and I couldn't get up with it reclined. He came and took the bundle from me and started her bath. I got the laundry started. This cycle of puking, drinking water and trying to sleep lasted all night. My husband took over her care at 11:45 because he knew I had been up the entire night before due to the fire. ( I LOVE my  husband!!)

I am happy to report that at about 4:00 Kaylee stopped puking and she has been fine ever since. Thank God!! I really thought she was a goner this time. I would have been SO sad. I love that little brat. (get it? She's a weiner dog! hee hee)  -sorry

Sorry this  has been posted so long after the time it should have been.  I had it almost finished in draft form but not posted because I kept falling asleep at the keyboard before I could finish and post it.  Now I'm playing catch up!

Stay safe!

Hotflash out.

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  1. sounds like life is going great for you!! and I love the label on this one... ;)