Thursday, January 7, 2010

Report From Ladder Company 40 Days 111 and 112

Hi Team!

Sorry I am behind one day.  I have been feeling really crummy.  Nothing specific to put a finger on, just generally icky with "almost" dizziness and intestinal discomfort.  No temperature, not sick enough to stay home.  But no energy either.  I have been pushing the fluids, a minimum of 3 quarts yesterday and today with NO caffeine included.  Whenever I think I am starting to feel better I make the mistake of getting hungry and eating.  Then I feel sick again.  I hope it passes soon.

I forgot to reset Pete this morning so what I have for you is a two day total.  17, 298 steps for two days.  The sleep is the real challening part.  I have had lots that I need to do lately and I can't seem to slow the mind down at night.  Then yesterday and today I was exhausted during the morning and afternoon.  UGH!
I would say realistically I am 2 for three for both day 111 and 112.   I did not get to go weigh and measure today, I didn't get time and I don't have a scale at home.  It will likely be Sunday or Monday before I will be able to at this point.  Sorry.

I am leaving town in the morning for Dallas Oregon to go keep score for the Bible Quiz meet at the Dallas Alliance Church.  After the meet ends on Saturday, I am going to go meet Gigaherz, a fireman I have chatted with a few times at the Crusty Old Jakes web site.  I am looking forward to meeting him and touring his station with my husband.  As I write this, I am baking cookies. (Oatmeal raisin and Sugar cookie/M&M cookies) I would never show up empty handed to visit a fire station!  (admittedly I cheated and used  pre made/pre measured dough from a fund raiser I participated in because I didn't have time to do it from scratch.  Otherwise I would have made sugar cookies with my firefighter cookie cutters.  I hope the firemen there will forgive me for that =D ) I will arrive home VERY late Saturday night so I will have to catch up the blog later.

Due to a need to keep somewhat anonymous, most of my team does not seem to be interested in being featured in this blog, and I can totally understand that.  However, for those who don't mind, I will begin featuring them next week, starting with Coach Alex!

Take care and I'll blog at you all in a few days.

Stay Safe!!

Hotflash out.


  1. Karen,

    enjoy your stay in Oregon.

    take care.stay safe and have a great crusty meeting with Gigaherz.

  2. Don't worry about getting weight/measurments if you're feeling down, try and rest, I know it's hard, I am feeling about the same way...Hope it passes quick! One another note, I can't wait to hear about the tour/meeting w/ ur friend!!

  3. Thanks Fireball! I am really looking forward to it! Too bad my brother, wasn't able to go too!