Thursday, December 24, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 98

Hi Team!

Another great day for Hotflash. I have no idea how much walking I did today Because everytime I checked Pete was hanging from his tether playing Tarzan. I slept well again. I'm really on a roll! And fluids have not been a problem either. 2 1 / 2 quarts today (though admittedly it was 12oz of eggnog with a little rum. YUM!) I think I can fairly give me 3 for 3 today.

I got my cookies delivered today! YAY ME! And I was brave and boldly introduced myself, explained why I was bringing them cookies and then gave them the cookies I had made along with a card. The cover of the card was this:
Christmas 2009 (med)

Then inside it said:

According to Santa and Mrs.. Claus you have all been very good firefighters this year!

Thank you for all you do for our community.

Merry Christmas from the Myers Family!

And then we all signed it.

I did not get too shy or tongue tangled and the cat did not get my tongue and I did not say anything dumb! YAY ME! I think I'm getting better at this. =)

Here is photo documentation of my exploits. Be warned that the photographer was less than excited to be photographing. It was not his best work. But I love him anyway because he is an awesome son!

Here I am at Station 10 posing for a pic with Engine 10

Elf me and Engine 10

Here I am delivering cookies at Station 10.

Delivering cookies to Station 10
Here I am delivering cookies to Station 15.

Delivering cookies to Station 15

Here I am delivering cookies to Station 11.

Delivering cookies to Station 11

The firefighters were all very friendly and joked with me. I enjoyed being able to share with the firefighters and I especially enjoyed the fact that my family joined me. I know it is not their cup of tea, but they supported me. = D

I have to get this posted and get to bed. It is 5 minutes until Christmas and I do not want Santa to catch me up!

Stay safe!

Hotflash out.


  1. hello,

    i love your story aabout the cookies and Christmas time.i'm glad that you had a great time at the firehouse.

  2. It is a miracle you caught all those companies in house, apparently on the first try(?), cause those are BUSY houses!

  3. I KNOW!!! I heard but have not confirmed that Station 10 is the busiest station in the STATE! I was truly amazed that I caught all three crews at home (YES) on the first try! You know, the looks of appreciation on their faces made it SO incredibly rewarding. I'm thinking of making it a monthly ritual to bring goodies. I love "my" guys (to include the females, of course!)