Monday, December 7, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 84

Hi Team!

Today was a good day for me. I did a lot of walking today. Pete recorded 12,150 steps! Yay me!!! I also drank about 3 quarts of fluids today and I slept very well last night. YAY ME! 3 for three.

Today was the day. I am three months in. I hated to look but I weighed and measured today. I am down to 189 pounds. That is 12 pounds from starting, but 15 total pounds lost because I actually gained 3 at first. And then I measured myself. Here are the results so far:

Day 2 Day 28 Day 84

Chest 39" Chest 38" Chest 37"
Bust 48" Bust 45" Bust 44"
Waist 48.5" Waist 44.25" Waist 41"
Hips 54" Hips 52" Hips 51"
Upper arm 14" Upper arm 14" Upper Arm 13.5
Thigh 25" Thigh 23 " Upper Thigh 23"

That makes another 6 3/4 inches lost for a total of 19 1/4inches lost!! I cannot tell you how good that feels. Next weigh and measure in: Day 112.

I had a little disappointment today too though. The cold weather (it is in the 20's here) made me have to take my inhaler. I am trying to rid myself of it completely. I only use it a few times a year. Stress rarely brings on an attack any more. Exercise has been safe so far, though I haven't gotten into heavy cardio. But this damn cold air is tough. I know I have to beat this if I ever even hope to go into firefighting which I will have to do if I want to be a paramedic in the fire department. I keep thinking if I get the weight off it will go away. I know that is one theory out there and I am clinging to that. Well, that and the fact that GOd has cleared all the obstacles I have come up against so far so this shouldn't be any different. I know he put this passion in me simply because I have had it basically all my life and it hasn't gone away. And because he does send me encouragement regularly and removes obstacles. Sometimes I think talking about it, or writing as the case may be, will make it go away. As if I can will it away but only if I verbalize it. Well, in any case, please pray all you prayer warriors. My brother beat asthma. I have only had a mild case of it. I can beat it too.

On a humorous note: one of my little girls at work was talking to some other kids there, while sitting next to me when I was playing a game with another child. The little girl said, "Mrs. Myers wants to be a fighter farter!" We laughed so hard we cried! She didn't mean to get tongue tangled, but "firefighter" can be a mouthful, especially if you are prone to talking to fast. She was embarrassed that she said it but even she later told her mom about it and that it was funny. I told her not to worry about it. We all say silly things sometimes. I just thought I would share it with the team though. We can all use a good chuckle sometimes.

Well, it is 10:00 and time for bed! Good night and stay safe!

Hotflash out.


  1. That's awesome!!!! Great job!!! I'm sure that you can beat the asthma because God can do all things! and thanks for sharing the fire farting story, gotta love kids.

    And thanks, your prayers are appreciated!! I'm healthy now, this past month marked the 1 year of my uncles suicide, I was close to him and it was completly unexpected. there was no history or anything.. :( But I'm ok, thanks again!!

  2. Dang, K.

    I've been hovering at about 188 for a couple of years, always meaning to drop some but putting it off. I really ought to drop 20.

    I think you have motivated me to get on about it.

    GOOD JOB!!

  3. 911R,

    So glad you are better. Glad you enjoyed my little anecdote from work too! :D


    YOU CAN DO IT!! I love you.