Saturday, November 21, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 Day 67

Hi Team!

Sorry I did not post this yesterday (the day it refers to) but when I got online yesterday my computer was acting strangely so I opted to run a few different virus scans instead, which of course, takes hours! I am happy to report a clean bill of health for the computer however! :D

Okay, so I have been a walking zombie. One of my child care parents told me about a naturopathic supplement that she has sold to many nurses and others who work crazy rotating shifts that helps the brain slow down enough to sleep without side effects.

Under ingredients it says, "vegetable proteins, contains milk products" and gives no other information. That seemed a bit odd and ambiguous. I'm going to look this stuff up on the internet on Day 68. I think the company name is Immunotech and the product I believe is called PNT 200, if my zombie memory serves me well.

I seem to go through cycles where I have these crazy sleep patterns and this is the worst one I can recall in years. My doc has put me on sleeping pills twice and both times they were different medications. Neither of them worked. One was Ambien before it was decided that it was very dangerous and I don't remember the other one. I am desperate enough right now to try almost anything if it seems safe.

If anyone has any suggestions, other than the usual (and lame) 'best times to (or not to) exercise, best times/things to (or not to) eat or drink, etc. I'd love to hear them. I'm getting pretty difficult to live with about now and it isn't fair to my hubby and son!

On a positive note, Pete and I had a great day (even while in Zombie mode) and his official count was 13,325 steps!! Yay Pete! Yay ME!!! It is so nice to be walking again with Coach Alex. And entertaining too. She is a hoot and a half. At least! And, when we stopped at Starbucks after, we found these beautiful Red ceramic coffe mugs! I lost control and bought us each one. We both LOVE red!! And they were pretty. I couldn't help it. The zombie in me made me do it. :D Unfortunately, I paid with a Bennie (which it is extremely rare that I even have one of) and they had to call me back to the counter to take my change. Yes I am THAT sleep deprived! YIKES!

I'd like to say my fluid intake was good but while I drank a lot of fluids yesterday they were not all good. Before noon I had quite a bit of caffeine. This is not my usual m.o. Usually I have one cup of coffee in the morning, 12 oz, regular coffee maker coffee at home. That is pretty much all the caffeine I take in during a normal day. I did drink water and juice in the afternoon but I didn't really keep track of how much. I just know I probably had about a quart of the caffeinated stuff in the morning. I was really good though. My secret pal at work gave me a LARGE bottle of Cherry Pepsi, (one of my favorites, just ask my bro) and I did not crack it open yesterday! I could have sucked it down to survive the afternoon but I didn't. Yay me!!

Okay, I've covered the basics in today's report. Now one more thing is very imortant.

THANK YOU 911R!! Your encouragement over not cancelling with Coach Alex the other day kept me from doing so the rest of the week, even though I really wanted to take the time to sleep. I got all of my scheduled work outs in this week and I owe that at least partly to you! I am very glad I went each time. I haven't weighed, but I am sure I gained back some of my weightloss (if not all) during the two weeks I was off schedule. I am not going to take my monthly weigh in and measurements. I decided because of that set back to wait until the next one is due. That way the numbers won't be there to discourage me. So I will have to work extra hard until week 12,Day 84!

That's all there is for now. Stay Safe!

Hotflash out.


  1. Your welcome! I really enjoy being a cheerleader for you. I'm so glad that you went to ALL your workouts! Even feeling
    zombie-ish.. I'm so proud of you!!
    More prayers comeing up, and we'll add a request for sleep too!!

  2. Thanks! You ROCK!! I am so lucky to have such a great cheerleader. :D