Sunday, November 15, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 day 58

Hi Team!

Today has been a good day. I worked my early morning shift then came home and packed. At 10:00 am I left for Washougal –to my brother’s house/fire station. I made good time on the road. It is usually a three hour trip, and my GPS also indicated it would be, but I made the trip in two hours and forty minutes. Traffic was very good to me but then again, It was mid morning on a work day.

Pete was in service most of the day, but since I spent a good portion of my day driving, he logged only 4,836 steps. Fluids were not a problem for me today though. I’ve had nearly 3 quarts of water, herbal tea and iced tea.

My fire department fun for the day was:

1) I signed the release authorizing me to ride a long in the squad and agreeing that I will hold the fire department harmless if I should die or become injured as a result of something that happens during my observation period. Hopefully this trip I will actually get to go on calls! The last two trips I’ve had here did not produce a single call! Seriously!

2) My brother took me out to the squad which has a pump and small water tank. He told me that if he had to use it it is helpful to have another person to monitor the pump while he puts the fire out. (His squad is manned only by himself and is used for small fires such as small brush fires, rubbish fires, etc. He is the only fireman at his station.) He said if he had to use it while I am here, he would pull the line and start the pump but he showed me how to charge the line and monitor the pump and how to make adjustments if needed and how to operate the emergency shut off if a hose should burst or something, so that I have something useful to do if he gets a call. That was so cool of him! My brother rocks!

My brother also did something else cool. He has produced for me his textbook from when he took his EMT course. He gave it to me to study and get a head start for my own EMT training. If I am fortunate, I will be able to register and start my EMT course in April. The head start he is affording me will be good.

I am hoping to have the opportunity to discuss with my bro this visit just exactly what to expect in the class. Today was not the day to discuss it, he is too tired. Ne needs sleep and he crashed shortly after coming home from work. It’s all good though. I still have several days to get my questions answered. I am here until Sunday.

That’s about all I have to report today. I am very glad to be in Washougal, in the fire station and with my brother and his awesome family, but I miss my computer. Writing my blog out longhand is a drag and I miss my friends on the Crusty Old Jakes website!

Until I write again, Stay Safe!!

Hotflash out.

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