Friday, October 23, 2009

Report From Ladder Company 40 -Day 42

Hi Team!

Today I called Tacoma Community College to find out more about the EMT class. It seems that it is never offered summer quarter. The classes are currently 5:30-9:30 pm T and TH with several saturdays thrown in. I work until 6 pm. Arrrgghhh! (did I just hear a pirate?!) I now have to figure out how to convince my boss what a good thing it would be to let me off an hour early, two nights a week so I can go to class. "oh Cindy, I need to get off an hour early two nights a week for the next quarter so that I can go learn how to work somewhere else!" I don't think that is going to fly. If anyone has any great ideas on how to approach her, let me know. I am signed up to be called to register for the class starting in April. THe class starting in January is already full. When they call me I have to register early on the day they give me or the class will be full. They take call back lists, but do not create waiting lists. It is simply first come, first served once they call to let you know the registration has begun. If I don't get in in April, I will have to wait until September. All you prayer warriors out there, please pray the doors would be opened for me, Lord willing.

The closer this is coming to reality, the more excited I am feeling. I can hardly wait to get into classes. I am amazed at how much support I have received from my childcare families and from firefighters and emergency personnel I've "bumped into" for lack of better description, on the internet.

Moving on...

Tomorrow is Fall Fun Days, sponsored by the University Place Fire Department. Thankfully, I know someone with kids who is interested in going. Noni, my assistant at work, has a roommate with several small children so we will be taking them. It should be fun. Hopefully I will not be shy tomorrow.

Today Pete only recorded 8,606 steps. I know Pete is lying today, because it was a walk day for me and I usually clock that much before 10:00 on those days. Today, I discovered many times when Pete had detached from my waistband and was only hanging on by the yarn tether I made for him to prevent for him the same fate that my other pedometer suffered. Onfortunately, hanging from a tether does not give Pete the same counting ability he would other wise have. So anyway, I know I walked a lot this month. Thank you so very much to all of my supporters.

I drank my fluids, without much problem today.

Stay safe,

Hotflash out.


  1. K, check with area FDs to see if any are holding an in-house EMT class independent of the TCC schedule. Sometimes they let outside people come in if there is room, and use your fee (should be similar or same to TCC's fee) to offset their cost.

    Something to think about... kind of a long shot but worth checking.